Quinoa Preparation Tips- Frequently Asked Questions

Quinoa Preparation Tips- Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding quinoa preparation or cooking, usually asked by the users.

Article 3.0Q: My packet of red quinoa instructs to rinse the quinoa numerous times then wash before cooking. What’s the difference?

A: It must be noted that good-for-you food such as quinoa is a seed is usually taken as a grain. The red quinoa, as you might know or heard of before, has been derived from the Eden Foods.  We called the Clinton, Mich.-based business to determine why the instructions call for “wash numerous times in cold water, wash.”

We come to know after some research that wash/rinse instructions applies to a lot of grains as well as quinoa. Put the food in a bowl, decant cold water in it, and swish it around by using your hand and pour of the rinsing water.

Article 3.1That procedure eliminates any dust or residue floating atop the water. Rinsing the grain or quinoa in a fine mesh strainer will eliminate any of the heavier particles that may have developed to the base of the washing bowl.

According to one of the official experts, there are other two main reasons for rinsing or washing quinoa: texture and flavor.  There’s a natural covering on the seeds, called saponin, which might make the quinoa feel bitter if not rinsed away. As for texture, unwashed quinoa can also have somewhat foamy texture.

These are some of the most important you must remember while washing quinoa and use it in your recipe. If you don’t want your recipe to taste bitter and lose its natural texture and nature, rinse it properly.

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