What Does Quinoa Look Like?

What Does Quinoa Look Like?

Quinoa is a delicious and nutritious seed that is becoming very popular in recipes and at restaurants around the world. There’s a chance you’ve even seen this protein and fiber-rich seed before and just didn’t realize it because it’s so popular. Here are some characteristics of quinoa to help you identify it.

  • An individual quinoa seed can be as small as 2mm in width.
  • Quinoa is round in shape and somewhat flat. Each little grain almost looks like a very tiny Frisbee.
  • When uncooked, quinoa is opaque. Colors range from light beige to darker brown to red-brown, depending on the variety. The surface of an uncooked seed is flat or matte in color, and there may be small markings or flecks of darker or lighter colors visible on it.
  • Once a quinoa seed is cooked, it typically becomes deeper in color. The seed also becomes more translucent, so you can see partway through it.
  • After cooking, tiny threads may appear with the quinoa. Unlike the rest of the seed, they are not translucent, so they are very easy to spot.

Now that you know what quinoa looks like, you’re ready to look for it when you’re out and about. Adding quinoa to your diet is a great way to ensure you’re getting amino acids and dietary fiber.

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