Can Breadcrumbs In A Meatloaf Be Replaced With Raw Quinoa?

Can Breadcrumbs In A Meatloaf Be Replaced With Raw Quinoa?

Article 1.0Quinoa is usually a go-to product for those people who avoid gluten, as quinoa is a seed and not a grain. It is normally used the similar way pasta or rice is used, however quinoa is exclusive in that it can serve a diversity of functions, including acting as an alternative for breadcrumbs.


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Quinoa is available in multitude of colors: white, black, red, pink, purple and orange. Although the distinction in taste is subtle, the darker quinoa usually has a richer flavor than other colored quinoa. Raw quinoa is covered with saponin, a vinegary coating that should be eliminated by rinsing off before eating, though a few manufacturers assert to prewash the quinoa previous to packaging. Put quinoa in a fine net strainer and wash it under cool, running water. Let it dried up thoroughly.

Dry Quinoa Crumbs

Spread the washed and drained quinoa on a small baking sheet to totally dry it. Softly stain with paper towels if you want to speed up the procedure, but be careful that the quinoa might stick to the towels. Place the dehydrated quinoa in a spice grinder and crush it into coarse crumbs. Otherwise, put the baking sheet with the dehydrated quinoa in the heated oven and toast it till it pops. Then crush the toasted quinoa until you get coarse crumbs. The toasting results in an enhanced flavor.

Making Meatloaf

Utilize the quinoa crumbs in place of breadcrumbs. Season the crumbs with your favorite herbs and spices. Usually, the replacement is 1-for-1 but quinoa tends to soak up a lot of wetness. Either lessens the quantity of quinoa crumbs used in your method or augment the quantity of moisture in the recipe. Adjust as required as you work the mix together. Cook your meatloaf as you usually would.

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