What are quinoa cookies?

What are quinoa cookies?

Cookies are perhaps one of the most well loved sweets in the world. Young and old alike enjoy delicious cookies because they’re tasty and easy to eat. Also, most cookies are easy to make, so they’re great for people who want to prepare homemade desserts but don’t have hours and hours to spend in the kitchen.

The New Cookie: Quinoa

One relatively new type of cookie to hit the recipe books, the food blogs and the bakeries is the quinoa cookie. This term can be confusing because there is no specific recipe for the treats. Quinoa cookies are essentially any cookie to which quinoa has been added.

What Is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a seed that comes from a plant native to South America. Very rich in amino acids, quinoa offers all of the nutritional benefits of traditional whole grains but is also very rich in protein. Because of the many health benefits associated with quinoa, many nutritionists recommend adding it to all types of recipes from savoury dishes to sweets like cookies.

Quinoa in Cookies

In a cookie recipe, quinoa can be used as the primary base. Some cookies combine quinoa with binding ingredients like peanut butter. Ground quinoa or quinoa flour can also be used in recipes instead of traditional white flour. Quinoa cookie recipes may feature different flours as a base and have quinoa added to give the cookies a nutty taste and a unique texture. Most often, whole-wheat flour is used in these types of recipes, but other types of flour may be used as well.

Make Your Own

Quinoa cookie recipes are widely available online, but you can also use many recipes that you already have as a start for baking quinoa cookies. You can replace oatmeal and other whole grains in your current recipes with quinoa simply by using equal measurements of the seed. You’re sure to love the results of your switch, and knowing that you’ve added a wholesome, protein-rich grain to your recipe will make any sweet a little sweeter.

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