What Is Quinoa Pilaf?

What Is Quinoa Pilaf?

Quinoa is a tiny seed that is packed with nutrients, including amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals. As more and more people are discovering the benefits of quinoa, recipes for it are creeping up all over the Internet and in magazines. Restaurants are also starting to serve many quinoa dishes. One name you’re liable to see on recipe sites or on menus is quinoa pilaf, and you may not know exactly what it describes.

A pilaf is a Middle Eastern dish that is typically made with rice. It is prepared by boiling the rice in broth until it is tender. After the liquid is absorbed, the rice is sauteed in a pan with olive oil, chopped onion and spices. Then, various vegetables are mixed in with the rice. Meats may also be combined with the mixture. Pilafs are frequently served as side dishes or vegetarian main dishes. A hearty one with a lot of protein in the recipe can also be a typical main course.

Quinoa pilaf is quite simply a rice pilaf where quinoa is used in place of the rice. Because quinoa is rich in nutrients, this substitution is healthier than using ordinary white rice. You can make quinoa pilaf the same way as rice pilaf. In fact, you can generally use quinoa in place of rice in any dish. Try experimenting by adding it to some of your favorite recipes. You’re sure to get some delicious results.

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