What is quinoa bread?

What is quinoa bread?

Today, artisanal breads made with rustic whole grains are becoming more and more popular. One of the many recipes you’ll find in new bread cookbooks and on the menu boards at bakeries is quinoa bread, a low calorie bread that is high in protein.

The Key Ingredient

They key ingredient of quinoa bread is quinoa, a seed that is native to South America and rich in amino acids, protein, antioxidants and fibre. Most recipes call for a mix of flour made from ground quinoa seeds and flour made from another whole grain like whole wheat. This gives the bread a fluffier consistency and makes it less filling; however, quinoa flour can be used on its own to create gluten-free bread.

Completing the Recipe

Quinoa bread is traditionally leavened, meaning that most varieties contain yeast, an active microbe that helps it to rise. Water or milk is added to the dry ingredients, and if only quinoa flour is present in the recipe, eggs are usually included as well. It’s also customary to add a dash of honey to the dough to give the bread a hint of sweetness. Often, bakers sprinkle whole quinoa seeds on the top of the bread once it is finished baking.

Ways to Enjoy Quinoa Bread

Quinoa bread can be used in nearly anyway that you might use a traditional whole grain bread. It is delicious when paired with lean meats, cheeses and fixings as a sandwich, and it also makes a wonderful accompaniment to soup, salad or pasta. You can enjoy it plain or spread it with butter, honey or preserves. For a savoury treat, try dipping it in olive oil or your favourite quinoa soup.

You can also use quinoa bread in many different recipes. It can serve as the base for a protein-rich healthy French toast. You can also cut it into cubes to make stuffing or homemade croutons or allow it to dry and then crumble it to create quinoa breadcrumbs.

Once you’ve tasted quinoa bread for yourself, you’ll be anxious to find as many ways as you can enjoy this unique, hearty bread on a regular basis.

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